Mycoplasma PCR Test Kit

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Mycoplasma PCR Test Kit



Standard Operating Procedure

1. Collect samples for inspection. Adherent cells: wait for the cells to grow to about 80%, use a cell scraper to scrape the cells(the cells cannot be digested with digestive juice); suspension cells: wait for the cells to grow to about 80% before entering the next step of centrifugation;

2. Centrifuge at 1000rpm for 5min, discard the supernatant, and resuspend the cells in 100-200μl of culture medium, and boil in a water bath for 10min; 

3. Centrifuge the boiled cell suspension at 12000rpm for 3-5min;

 4. Take 4μl of the sample for direct PCR detection, or freeze it at -20 ℃ for future use;

 5. PCR detection, please refer to the manual for details;

 6. Gel imaging observation.


Mycoplasma PCR detection kit is express mycoplasma detection kit with sensitive and high specificity. It can be used for the detection of mycoplasma in cells, culture media, animal serum, etc. This product uses polymerase chain reaction(PCR)to specifically amplify the conserved region fragment of the 16s rRNA gene of Mycoplasma for mycoplasma detection. It can detect M. arthritidis, M. hominis, M. hyorhinis, M. fermentans, M. orale, Dozens of common mycoplasmas including M. salivarium, M. bovis, M. bovigenitalium, M. pneumoniae, M. pirum, etc.


Store at -15 ~ -25 ° C.


Dry ice transportation.


1. Please read the entire manual carefully before using this kit;

2. In order to ensure the reliability of the results, it is recommended to set positive and negative controls for each experiment. Add 4 μl for each reaction. The positive control is provided with the kit. The negative control is sterilized ddH2O;

 3. Minimize speaking or wearing a mask during operation. Mycoplasma is also contained in the mouth, which may cause sample contamination and false positives.

4. Containing biotin such as penicillin and streptomycin in the cell culture will not affect the detection results. If the user needs to ensure the detection sensitivity, it is recommended to culture the cells in a medium without double antibodies Testing after the day;

 5. This product is limited to scientific research for professionals, and should not be used for clinical diagnosis or treatment, nor for food or medicine;

 6. For your safety and health, please wear lab clothes and disposable gloves.

Guarantee and Disclaimer:

After receiving the product, if finds that the product is mismatched, damaged or missing components, please keep the original package and submit the objection to the company by mail within seven working days. Failure to file an objection within the time limit is considered qualified.

When the buyer keeps the product, it should be kept in accordance with the storage conditions shown in the product label and the manual. If the product quality is caused by improper storage, it will not be guaranteed.

When the buyer tests the product, they should be submitted by the beginning of use when found the quality issue, rather than when the product was used or used up, in order to prepare our products for recycling and confirm the quality of the products. If it is the quality problem, our company is responsible for exchange or return. In the event of a claim, our company will compensate the discretion within the scope of the product price limit and will not accept any part of the value of the product itself. Since the date of receipt, the product has not been reflected for more than three months and should not be returned.

The products provided by our company are for research use only and should not be used for clinical diagnosis or treatment. If a unit or individual changes the use of our products without authorization, we will not bear any responsibility.