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Antibody Fragment Production


Antibody fragments are small functional elements. Compared with the whole antibody molecule, the antibody fragments have advantages over intact antibodies for certain immunochemical experimental applications:

1. Reduce non-specific binding due to Fc interactions (many cells have receptors that bind the Fc region)

2. Control of Fc binding to protein protein A or protein G in immunoprecipitation and protein blotting experiments

3. Improve immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining by more efficiently penetrating tissue sections

4. Reduces the site resistance of large protein epitopes, so that the sensitivity of antigen detection in the application may be higher.

5. Eliminate Fc-related effector functions (e.g. complement fixation) in antigen-antibody binding studies.

6. Easier to use X-ray crystallography or NMR to study immunorecognition structural regions.

7. Lower immunogenicity than intact antibody in endogenous experiments.

AtaGenix provides a full range of personalized antibody fragment expression services, including Fab, ScFv, VHH, and tandem-scfv,etc. Antibody fragments can be expressed according to the antibody information provided by customers. Our own mammalian expression system with high yield pATX series vectors and domesticated 293 series and CHO series cells can realize efficient secretion and expression of various forms of recombinant antibody fragments.


1. Diversified Expression: Offering Fab, scFv single chain antibody, sdAb single domain antibody, di-scFv, Fc fusion protein and other recombinant antibody expression.

2. High Expression & Low cost: Our own vectors and cell lines, high expression platform, greatly reducing the cost per unit of antibody quality.

3. Experienced & Mature Technology: Completed nearly 10,000 recombinant antibody expressions with success rate >95%.




Time Frame



Sequence or Plasmid

Codon optimization & gene synthesis

Subcloning of target gene

Expression & purification test

Amplification & antibody purification

QC analysis for antibody

SEC-HPLC analysis (optional)

Endotoxin assay (optional)

DSC (optional)

   Biacore affinity measurement (optional)


    4-6 Weeks

Purified antibody

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