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Polyclonal Antibody Preparation


Polyclonal antibodies exist in the serum of immunized animals and obtained by purification from the serum. Polyclonal antibodies recognize multiple antigenic sites and can be used in a wide range of immunological reactions, and they can be prepared in a short time and at a low cost, so they are widely used in the field of immunological research and immunological diagnosis.


In recent years, chicken polyclonal antibodies have attracted attention due to their specificity. The main component of chicken polyclonal antibodies is IgY, which is mainly distributed in chicken serum and eggs. Similar to IgG, IgY contains two heavy chains and two light chains, forming a "Y" structure with two antigen-binding sites.The difference between IgY and IgG is that there is almost no cross-reactivity between the two, which gives chicken polyclonal antibodies good immunological effects, such as reducing the background of immunological experiments, making chicken polyclonal antibodies a more convenient tool for experiments. It makes chicken polyclonal antibody a more convenient experimental tool. Chicken IgY polyclonal antibody preparation involves immunizing chickens with an antigen that activates their B-lymphocytes, and obtaining the antibody by collecting eggs for purification after the antibody secreted by them is transferred to the yolk.


Compared to antibodies from other species, chicken polyclonal antibodies have the following advantages:

1. Highly conserved mammalian gene products are able to elicit a strong immune response and antibody production in chickens.

2. Chicken antibodies are suitable for multiple immunolabeling experiments because IgY does not cross-react homologously with IgG and IgY lacks the Fc fragment and does not bind to the cellular Fc receptor.

3. Chicken polyclonal antibodies are easy to produce, only need to collect eggs from immunized hens and purify the antibodies from the eggs, with low consumption cost.

4. Small amount of antigen required, high yield per unit, good specificity, stable and easy to store.


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