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Antibody drug hybridoma development

Service Brief

Hybridoma is obtained by fusion of myeloma cells with B lymphocytes immunostimulated by specific antigens, which have the characteristics of being able to proliferate indefinitely and producing specific antibodies, and a key link in the development of antibody drugs. By hybridoma technology, high-quality monoclonal antibodies can be produced following with large-scale monoclonal antibody production.

AtaGenix provides high-quality hybridoma development services, using a variety of antigenic immunization methods (such as peptides, recombinant proteins, gene immunization), fusion, screening, detection, and finally obtain high-quality hybridoma cells.

With excellent antibody research team, advanced antibody preparation technology, perfect antibody preparation production line, and professional antibody quality evaluation system, AtaGenix has established an antibody drug research and development platform to provide with custom services to help the antibody drug development.


1. Preparation of the antigen, the antigen from the clients or the recombinant protein or purified natural protein antigen produced by AtaGenix.

2. Animal immunity

3. Cell fusion, screening, detection and typing

4. Small-scale antibody production

5. Large-scale antibody production


1. A variety of antigenic protocols such as natural libraries and immune libraries.

2. AtaGenix stable cell strain screening

3. Adapt to the individual needs of customers, provide one-stop service from antigen expression to hybridoma development.

4. Perfect project tracking service and the technician is docked to ensure the success of each project.

5. Perfect downstream services such as humanized antibodies, phage display and large-scale antibody production, and the development of auxiliary antibody drugs.

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