• Recombinant protein

    CD protein
    Drug targets
    Immune checkpoint
    Other proteins
  • Antibody

    Polyclonal antibody
    Monoclonal antibodies
    Control antibody, tag antibody
    Flow cytometry antibody
    Small molecule antibody
    Pathological antibody for IHC
    Secondary antibody
  • Gene

    Clone library
    Vector library
  • Tool enzyme

    Protein tool enzyme
    Molecular tool enzyme
    tool enzyme for antibody
  • 2019-nCoV products

    2019 ncov related kit
    2019 ncov related protein
    2019 nCoV antibody
    IVD material
    SARS related
  • Assay kit

    TUNEL assay kit
    Inclusion bodies Purification assay kit
    TMB substrate
    SDS-PAGE Express Staining Solution
    Seamless Cloning Assay kit
  • Phage library

    Antibody production kit
  • Cell culture medium and cell bank

    Cell culture medium
    Fetal bovine serum
    Mouse-derived cell line
    Rat-derived cell line
    Other cell lines
  • Antibody drug analogues

Antibody humanization

Increased affinity and specificity

stable cell line construction

Free design

Bispecific antibody

Increased affinity and specificity

Recombinant protein expression

Multiple expression systems

Antibody discovery

Multi species antibody

Phage display

Master core technology

Featured service case presentation
  • A scfv was successfully expressed by using the pATX series vec......

  • A scFV was successfully soluble and expressed by the Bacillus ......

  • BetaGluc1 was successfully soluble in the Baculovirus Cells ex......

  • PNGase F was successfully expressed in the E. coli expression ......

    AtaGenix-proteins, antibodies and industrializations.

    AtaGenix Laboratories was established in Biolake Wuhan, the National BioIndustrial Park in 2012. By working closely with its sister company (ProteoGenix Laboratories) in Strasbourg France, AtaGenix has been pushing forward technologies which are involved in recombinant protein expression and purification (Xten CHO expression system), antibody discoveries (Premium human scFv naïve library, 10^11pfu), antibody engineering and stable cell line development. With the current available technologies, our clients, including top pharmas, universities and government bodies across the world, are able to start from an idea to significant industrialization stages, such as immunodiagnostic antibodies for IVD, humanized therapeutic antibodies, industrial enzymes and process development.

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