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  • A scfv was successfully expressed by using the pATX series vec......

  • A scFV was successfully soluble and expressed by the Bacillus ......

  • BetaGluc1 was successfully soluble in the Baculovirus Cells ex......

  • PNGase F was successfully expressed in the E. coli expression ......

    AtaGenix Laboratories, working closely with sister company ProteoGenix, focus on researching and manufacturing customized recombinant proteins and antibodies and have extensive experience in using the major five protein expression systems, E. coli, Bacillus subtilis, Pichia pastoris, Saccharomyces cerevisae, insect and mammalian (HEK293 and CHO) expression systems to satisfy customers' various requirements. AtaGenix has established long-term cooperation with European and Asian research institutes, top pharmas and diagnostic reagent companies. Since 2011, AtaGenix has won two “3551” talents, high-tech enterprises, and a number of technical patents. For research customers, we provide specific gene overexpression, lentiviral packaging, molecular cloning - protein expression and purification – protein structural analysis, recombinant antibody expression, stable cell line development and other services. For pharmaceutical companies, we offer full human antibody screening and production services based on our phage display library as well as antibody humanization and bispecific antibodies services. AtaGenix uses CHO-K1 engineered cell line with independent IP to provide protein and antibody based drugs research and development services. Regarding antibodies, we have complete mouse monoclonal antibody platform and phage display technology which can provide mouse / rabbit monoclonal antibody and diagnostic antibody customization services.

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