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  Bispecific Antibody is the bifunctional hybrid antibody containing two specific antigen binding sites that bind to different ligands and stimulate the directed immune response. It is genetically engineered antibody. It has become hot spot of antibody engineering and has attracted widespread attention in new strategies for anti-tumor immunotherapy. Bispecific antibodies not only provide an effective link between immune effector cells and tumor cells, but also block carcinogenic mediators.

  In recent years, various forms of bispecific antibodies have been designed and developed. They are mainly classified into IgG type and non-IgG type according to whether or not there is an Fc structure: IgG-like main forms include Crossmab, Triomabs, kith-IgG, etc.; Non-IgG-like major forms are TandscFv, BiTE, DART, TandAb, F(ab')2, bio-Nanobody etc.

  From the specific design of bispecific antibodies, it is divided into: IgG-type bispecific antibody (BsIgG). Currently, the typical representative of this type of bispecific antibody is catumaxomab (anti-CD3 × anti- EpCAM), a malignant ascites patient approved for treatment of EPCAM-positive tumors in the European Union. Bispecific and multispecific antibodies (Appended IgG) attached to IgG morphologies, these antibodies have stronger antigen-binding activity, ensuring simultaneous binding of different antigens of interest, and are suitable for low-abundance proteins such as cytokines. Combination of. A clinically advanced development of this type has the dual variable domain Ig (DVI-IgG). Bispecific antibody fragments (BsAb fragments) that lack part or all of the constant region of antibody, using short peptides to link the heavy and light chains so that they are expressed in a host cell, strong resistance to penetration.

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