Technical Service

Antibody Activity Analysis Platform


Experienced in analyzing antibody in vitro and in vivo function.

In vitro activity analysis, we have established a series of stable and efficient evaluation methods.

(1)Based on BiacoreTM T200 and OpenSPRTM platforms, we have established a system for evaluating antibody affinity and antibody molecular interactions.

(2) Cellular-level binding and blocking evaluation based on the FACS platform

(3) Evaluation of proliferation promotion and proliferation inhibition at the cellular level based on enzyme assays.

(4) Fc-mediated ADCC/ADCP

(5) PBMC/T cell-based evaluation of antibody activity, MLR.

At present, we have 200+ cell lines and 50+ overexpressed cell lines for functional analysis.

In the in vivo pharmacodynamic analysis, we have established dozens of tumor models for pharmacodynamic evaluation, from in vitro customization to in vivo validation.