Technical Service

Rapid Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Preparation


Rabbit monoclonal antibody features with high affinity, high specificity, high sensitivity, recognizing more novel epitopes, and easy to humanize, etc. Rabbit monoclonal antibody development and treatment for antibody drugs has a very broad prospect, and the launch of rabbit monoclonal antibody drugs opens a new chapter in the research and development of antibody drugs with an unlimited development potential.


The rabbit monoclonal antibody preparation service adopts phage display technology, directly selecting a variety of targets from the rabbit-derived natural antibody library with high library capacity. Rabbit immune antibody libraries for one or several target proteins can be customized according to customer needs, screen high-affinity rabbit monoclonal antibody sequences, and ultimately recombinantly express them into complete rabbit monoclonal antibodies.


Diversified 10 billion level rabbit-derived scFv natural antibody libraries:

1. Customized Antibody Libraries: The improved two-step library construction program can minimize the number of erroneous sequences and ensure the diversity distribution of library.

2. High-quality & Multi-dimensional Library QC Report: Fully reflect the diversity of library distribution

3. Accept multiple types of target antibody screening: proteins, peptides, small molecules, cell surface proteins , etc

4. Customized panning solutions according to project requirements: solid-phase panning, liquid-phase panning and cell-based panning are available, and can be combined according to specific project requirements to maximize the success rate of panning.





Time Frame


Rapid Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Preparation

Phage Screening Route

Antigen Sequence

Naïve Library Screening

3-4 Weeks

Delivery of 1-3 Sequences

Immunobanking & Screening

QC Analysis

10-14 Weeks

Phage Immune Libraries

(Phage Greater Than 5*10^8 Pfu)

5-10 Positive Strains

5-10 Antibody Sequences

Technical Service Reports

Single B Screening Route

Antigen Preparation

Animal Immunization

Splenocyte Isolation & Positive B-Cell Screening

Positive Clone Amplification & Recombinant Expression

Recombinant Antibody Mass Expression



100µg/Strain Monoclonal Antibody

pUC Plasmid & Sequence

Antibody Sequences for 3 Strains

Technical Service Reports

Note: Phage natural rabbit scFv libraries can also be selected for direct panning. Accepted antigen types include proteins, peptides, small molecules and cell surface proteins.


Optional Services: Antigen preparation/full-length and antibody fragment production/affinity sequencing/affinity maturation/bispecific antibody development/stable cell line construction