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Anti-Idiotype Antibody Preparation


Anti-idiotype antibodies are antibodies that specifically bind to the unique site (Idiotype) of the variable region of the antibody to be tested. In the process of antibody drug development, it specifically detects antibody drugs in vivo and is a key reagent for pharmacokinetic studies. Main application areas: antibody drug pharmacokinetics analysis, antibody drug immunogenicity analysis, clinical development of anti-drug antibodies. With years of experience in the development of anti-idiotypic antibodies, AtaGenix provides a full range of technical services from antigen preparation, anti-idiotypic antibody development to ELISA.


I. Monoclonal Anti-idiotype Antibodies

Monoclonal anti-idiotype antibodies can be used in pharmacokinetic studies detect the total amount of free, conjugated, and antibody drugs. Depending on the type of antibody to be detected, AtaGenix offers three types of anti-unique antibodies: antigen-neutralizing, non-neutralizing, and drug target complex. AtaGenix provides guaranteed paired antibody services. Delivering antibodies that recognize different unique sites and are successfully paired will greatly improve the success rate of downstream Sandwich ELISA detection kit development.

2. Polyclonal Anti-idiotype Antibodies

Detection of an underlying immune response has become an important regulatory requirement for drug development and post-marketing. Highly sensitive and versatile polyclonal anti-unique antibodies can be used as positive references in immunogenicity studies to mimic ADA production in humans. AtaGenix provides high affinity and specificity polyclonal anti-Idiotype antibody development services, and we will maximize the cost savings for our clients to meet their needs for different antibody quantities.


1. The technology platform used for both mouse monoclonal antibody and rabbit monoclonal antibody can produce high affinity and high specificity anti-Idiotype antibody.

2. Perfect antigen preparation platform, recombinant antibody expression platform can realize high throughput expression of F(ab')2, full-length antibody, enzyme digestion of full-length antibody and rich purification experience.

3. Establish the subsequent detection method and the development of ELISA.





Time Frame


Anti-Idiotype Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Preparation Service

Targeted antibody drugs with >85% purity


Isotype control (human IgG)

Antigen retesting

Antigen preparation

Immuno and serum titer test purification

QC Analysis

  3 Months

Serum before and after immunization

Purified antibodies

Technical service report

Anti-idiotype Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Preparation Service

Antigen retesting

Antigen preparation

Immuno and serum titer test purification

ELISA paired assay

Purified antibody

Experimental report

4-6 Months

Purified monoclonal antibodies

Hybridoma cell lines

Technical Service Reports

Anti-idiotype Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Preparation Service

Antigen retesting

Antigen preparation

Immuno and serum titer test

Phage scFV Antibody construction and screening

Antibody recombinant expression

ELISA paired assay

Experimental report

  2-3 Months

Recombinant Antibody

Antibody sequence (heavy and light chain)

Technical service report

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