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Monoclonal antibody sequencing

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  Monoclonal antibody is the antibody raised against one particular epitope produced by the single B cell clone. The production of monoclonal antibodies by B cells and hybridoma is the most widely used technique; however, due to the instability of hybridomas, the quality of antibodies is affected. Recombinant antibodies are obtained by hybridoma sequencing. Cloning the gene sequence of the antibody and performing recombinant expression to obtain the target antibody can ensure the stability of the antibody, and can effectively avoid endogenous biological contamination.

  AtaGenix provides with the total solution from hybridoma sequencing to recombinant antibody expression. AtaGenix owns the third generation pATX3.0 series of lactation expression platform, which can achieve the recombinant antibody transient yield of 200-500mg/L, which is an engineering antibody. Expression purification enables more efficient services.

  Obtaining monoclonal antibody sequences is a prerequisite for antibody engineering and antibody humanization research, and it is also possible to apply for intellectual property such as patents with important genes. AtaGenix provides high quality monoclonal antibody sequencing services.


Example of third-generation pATX3.0 series lactation expression

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1. RNA extraction

2. mRNA reverse transcription cDNA

3. PCR amplification of antibody heavy and light chain genes

4. Heavy chain and light chain gene cloning and sequencing

5. Bio-analysis of sequencing results to determine functional antibody genes

6. Antibody sequencing report


Leading time



Antibody full-length sequencing


7-14 working days


Original sequence data

Light/heavy chain analysis

Plasmid with antibody fragment


1. 1×106hybridoma cells

2. Subtype information of monoclonal antibody

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Professional technical support

2. High standard quality requirements, strict guarantee of sequencing accuracy

3. Short leading time

4. Sequencing is diverse and can be selected by the customer

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