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XtenCHO High Density Expression System


XtenCHOTM is developed by AtaGenix for high-density transient expression of high-efficiency protein antibodies, which features with high expression capacity (generally 200-400mg/L, and up to 1g/L for some antibodies), simple process, conducive to the expression of high-throughput antibodies.


1. XtenCHOTM cells are a genetically modified CHO cell line developed by AtaGenix. The use of vectors containing matching components can increase the copy number of expression vectors transfected into the cells and prolong the retention time of the free plasmid in the cells, thus enabling high level and sustained expression of the target genes carried by the vectors.

2. XtenCHOTM high density transient expression system improves the conventional CHO transfection method by adopting a novel high-density transfection method and a special cell culture mode, which improves the cell viability after transfection and extends the survival time of the transfected cells from the conventional 6-7 days to 10-14 days, further improving the yield of target protein.

3. Compared with the commonly used cationic liposome transfection reagents, commercial CHO transient medium and supplement medium, the cost of transfection reagents, expression medium and supplement medium of XtenCHOTM high density transient expression system are greatly reduced, which is more suitable for industrial production, and its cost-effective feature can be better reflected in the production of transient expression of recombinant proteins on a larger scale.




Time Frame



XtenCHOTM High-density Transient Expression


Gene sequence


Gene synthesis

2-3 weeks

Gene synthesis reports

Expression & purification test

2 weeks

Expression & purification test reports

1L expression & purification

2 weeks

Protein samples & reports

Shaker or fermenter enlargement

2-4 weeks

Protein samples & reports

Case Study

1.Comparison with Other Commercial Expression Systems

Using XtenCHOTM high-density transient expression system and two commercial CHO transient expression systems, CHO Expression system 1 and CHO Expression system 2. Expressions are performed in parallel. Transfected cell density, viability and antibody yields are shown in Figures 1 and 2:


     Figure 1. Monitoring of Cell Density and Viability after Transfection with Different Expression Systems


 Figure 2. Comparison of the Yields of the Same Antibody Expressed by Different Expression Systems


2. Different Therapeutic Recombinant Antibodies Expression Test

Four typical therapeutic recombinant antibodies were expressed using Prudent Biologics XtenCHOTM High Density Transient Expression System and the antibody yields are shown in Figure 3.

Fig. 3 Yield Determination of Different Antibodies Expressed by XtenCHOTM System

Ab1: Pembrolizumad, Ab2: Utomilumab, Ab3: Trastuzumab, Ab4: Claudiximab

The above data proves that the advantages of AtaGenix XtenCHOTM high density transient expression system are obvious and the antibody yield is higher.