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Camel single domain antibody production

Service Brief

  Camel single-domain antibody production services, strictly controlled from antibody source to preparation and production, perfect antibody preparation technology and production line, for the professional custom produce of single-domain.

  Compared with conventional antibodies, single-domain antibodies have the advantages of small molecular weight, good solubility, strong thermal stability, easy passage through the blood-brain barrier, and easy engineering modification. They are suitable for combining some hidden antigenic sites, which are beneficial to downstream optimization and transformation. The construction of bispecific antibodies is increasingly used in the fields of biological detection, diagnosis, and pharmaceuticals. AtaGenix provides with comprehensive services from R&D to production.

service content

1. Preparation and identification of antigen

2. Alpaca immunization, serum separation and detection and purification

3. Antigen affinity purification

4. Affinity and specificity determination of single domain antibodies

AtaGenix Advantages

1.Own production base

2. Professional technicians and independent research and development team

3. Mature alpaca immunization program, experienced phage display technology

4. Yeast expression with single domain antibody

5. Mature bispecific antibody production technology, the development of antibody drugs.

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