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Chimeric Antibody Production


Chimeric antibody refers to the replacement of the constant region of an antibody from one species with that of another species. The technology is not limited to human-mouse chimerism, but can be applied in many aspects, such as replacing the constant region of a mouse antibody with a rabbit constant region. Similarly, the constant region of an antibody from one species can be replaced with that of any other species, and antibodies from the same species can be expressed in different isoforms. With rich experience in the production of chimeric antibodies for multiple species (human, mouse, rabbit, rat, and canine, etc.), we are able to meet your needs for chimeric antibody production services.


1. HEK293 or CHO mammalian cell expression: better glycosylation and post-translational modification.

2. Variety of species selection in variable region: Human, Mouse, Rat, Canine, Rhesus, Chicken, Rabbit, and Camel etc.

3. Species selection diversity in the constant region: Human, Mouse, Rat, Canine, Rhesus, and Rabbit, etc.

4. Multi-subtype experience: IgG, IgA, IgM, and IgE.

5. High expression




Time Frame



sequence or plasmid

Codon optimization & gene synthesis


Expression & purification test

Amplification & antibody purification

QC analysis for antibody

SEC-HPLC analysis (optional)

 Endotoxin assay (optional)

  DSC (optional)

  Biacore affinity measurement (optional)


   4-6 Weeks

Purified antibody

Technical service report

Case Study

Human-mouse Chimeric Antibody Purification Chart