Technical Service

Neutralizing/Blocking Antibody Development


Antibodies are classified as "neutralizing antibodies" or "non-neutralizing antibodies" according to their ability to prevent pathogens from binding to receptors on the surface of host cells. Neutralizing antibodies are antibodies that are produced when pathogenic microorganisms invade the body. Neutralizing antibodies are able to bind to antigens on the surface of the virus and directly prevent the virus from adhering to target cell receptors, preventing the virus from invading the cell, or they may be able to bind to specific proteins and block their function.

AtaGenix has been focusing on customized development of proteins/antibodies for years, like five major protein expression platforms and antibody preparation platforms. Our technicians have accumulated rich experience in antibody R&D and production for over ten years, and are able to provide customers with a variety of antibody preparation services.


--A complete antibody technology platform including: hybridoma technology, phage display technology, and antibody humanization.

--High specificity, high affinity and high stability of antibodies.

--Strict quality control system and standardized operation procedure to ensure antibody quality.

--Provide integrated services from antigen preparation to phage library construction and antibody screening.

--Provide value-added services such as antibody labeling, antibody pair screening, ELISA development, and immunological testing, etc.