Current Position: Product Center
Product Center


  AtaGenix Laboratories was established in Biolake Wuhan, the National BioIndustrial Park in 2012. By working closely with its sister company (ProteoGenix Laboratories) in Strasbourg France and IGBMC (French Institute of Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology). AtaGenix has been pushing forward technologies which are involved in three custom produce service platforms. Firstly, life science research, five mainstream protein expression systems, mouse / rabbit monoclonal antibody production, can provide protein expression, lentiviral packaging, molecular construction - protein expression purification - Structural analysis, antibody recombinant expression, murine/rabbit monoclonal antibody production and related detection services. Secondly, antibody drug development can provide phage display, antibody humanization, bispecific antibody and stable cell line construction services, CHO-K1 cell line with independent IP can provide protein and antibody drug research services for top pharmas, universities and government bodies across the world. And the last one is diagnostic raw material development which can provide various diagnostic raw materials. 

  AtaGenix can also supply high quality products, such as interleukins, CD molecules, cytokines, industrial enzymes as well as a series of antibodies against zebrafish, interleukins and CD molecules etc. Those products are sold worldwide and long-term cooperation has established with major research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic reagent companies etc.