Technical Service

Nano Antibody Preparation


Nanobody (Nb), i.e., heavy chain single domain antibody VHH (variable domain of heavy chain of heavy-chain antibody), without light chain and CH1 region, features with small molecule, high stability, low immunogenicity, easy to humanize, easy to connect, and can be administered through multiple routes. In addition, functional zones bound to human albumin can optionally be added to the molecular design, extending the half-life to 2-3 weeks, and drug transport to the target site via albumin. These features make VHH extremely valuable for basic research, diagnosis and therapy.


AtaGenix offers alpaca immunization, nano-antibody VHH phage library construction and panning technology services, and there are hundreds of billions of VHH nano-antibody naïve phage libraries for panning all kinds of target antigens, which can greatly shorten the drug development cycle.


1. Large Library Capacity: Nearly 100 billion naïve libraries

2. Short Selection Cycle: Rapid screening of nano-antibodies specific for various targets can be completed within 2 weeks at the earliest.

3. High Affinity: Antibody affinity can reach 10-9M level.

4. Rich Sample Sources: Samples from more than 100 different camelid species - Alpaca, Camel, Llama - providing higher antibody diversity.

5. Superior Quality: 100% insertion correctness, 97% sequence correctness, 200 randomly selected clones sequenced, no duplicate sequences.

6. Immunobanks can be constructed to obtain higher affinity VHH sequences.




Time Frame


Natural Panning Library

3-4 Rounds of Panning

Polyclonal ELISA validation

Monoclonal ELISA validation

Positive clone ELISA validation


Experimental Report

4 Weeks

1-3 Positive Strains

1-3 VHH Sequences

Technical Service Report


Immunization Library Construction & Panning

Antigen QC

Alpaca Immunization

Phage Libary Construction

Phage Libary Panning

10 Weeks

Phage Immunolibrary (phage >5*10^8 pfu)

5-10 Positive Strains

5-10 VHH Sequences

Technical Service Report

Optional Services: Antigen Preparation / VHH Antibody Production / Affinity Sequencing / Affinity Maturation / Bispecific Antibody Development / Stable Cell Line Construction

Case Study

AtaGenix has constructed a nanobody VHH library with 1011 capacity, panned for nanobodies against the COVID NTD domain, obtained 9 VHH sequences, and carried out recombinant expression of the 9 VHH-Fc sequences by using a mammalian system, and the expression of the 9 VHH-Fc sequences were all high.


9 VHH Sequences Bound to the NTD Domain


9 VHH-Fc Purification QC Diagram(Reduced SDS-PAGE)