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High-throughput Low Endotoxin Recombinant Antibody Expression


AtaGenix has developed the XtenCHOTM mammalian expression system that can express all types of antibodies and recombinant proteins efficiently and rapidly. XtenCHOTM is a high throughput, low endotoxin antibody expression platform that is a cost-effective option for mass production of small samples of antibodies, with expression systems ranging from 1 ml to 30 ml, allowing simultaneous transfection of up to 200 samples at one time. From gene synthesis to antibody purification to complete antibody quality testing system (SDS-PAGE, Elisa, SEC-HPLC, Biacore,DSC, Octet, and FACS, etc.), AtaGenix offers one-stop service and customized design after more than 10 years of accumulation of technology, and has formed a complete platform for high-throughput plasmid extraction, recombinant monoclonal antibody expression and low endotoxin antibody purification. The purified recombinant antibody can contain as low as 0.1 EU/ml of endotoxin, providing convenient, efficient and safe services for antibody screening and antibody drug development.


1. Experienced in recombinant antibody production. XtenCHOTM mammalian expression system, independently developed, has produced tens of thousands of antibodies with high yield.

2. High production capacity, 200 antibodies can be transfected at the same time, and the production cycle is fast.

3. Low endotoxicity, the endotoxin content of purified recombinant antibody can be as low as 0.1 EU/ml.





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High-throughput Low Endotoxin   Recombinant Antibody Expression

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  4-6 Weeks

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