Technical Service

Antibody Discovery Platform for Hybridoma Technology


Hybridoma technology refers to the fusion of B cells with myeloma cells and the establishment of hybridoma cell lines through screening and subcloning, which are used to produce a large number of monoclonal antibodies.

Monoclonal antibodies are highly specific, a monoclonal antibody can only recognize a specific antigenic determinant cluster; Due to its high specificity, it is widely used in biology, pharmacy, medicine and other fields, and has a great application prospect. Hybridoma antibody technology started in the 1980s, and the technology is mature and widely used in the development of monoclonal antibodies.

AtaGenix has been providing antibody discovery services for domestic and foreign research institutions, IVD companies and antibody drug companies for a long time, and has accumulated rich experience in antibody development. AtaGenix provides DNA immunization, peptide, protein immunization, small molecule immunization; high-throughput customized antibody screening solutions; ELISA, WB, IF, IHC, FC, Biacore and other diversified high-throughput detection platforms; and hybridoma sequencing technology and recombinant antibody expression services.


1. Immunization Modalities: Peptides, proteins (five expression systems), small molecules, and DNA.

2. One-stop Service: Offering total solutions from gene sequence to hybridoma development and identifications.

3. High-efficiency Electrofusion Technology: Highly efficient and non-toxic

4. High Success Rate: 3000+ monclonal antibody projects, with a success rate of 95.4%.

5. Customized Screening: Offer IH/IF/FC and other application-grade antibody development services

6. Extensive Validations: WB/IHC/IF/FC and more detection methods

7.Professional Team: 10+ years’ experience in antibody research and development.

8. Downstream Engineering: Hybridoma cell sequencing, antibody humanization, recombinant antibody expression, sandwich pair screening for chemiluminescence applications, and mass production of antibodies.





Time Frame


Hybridoma Monoclonal Antibody Development

Antigenic information or antigen:

Protein, peptide, small molecule

Antigen preparation (optional)

Mouse immunization

Cell Fusion, Screening, Detection and Typing

Antibody Production:

Small scale (1mg-5mg)

Large scale (100mg-100g)

20 weeks

1-3 Monoclonal cell lines

2 mg Monoclonal antibody

Residual antigen

Project report