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Single B cell

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Compared to the conventional hybridoma mouse monoclonal antibody developement, the rabbit monoclonal antibodies can provide better antigen recognition. Since the rabbit myeloma cell lines are protected by patents and cannot be used to develop the rabbit monoclonal antibodies by using hybridoma technology, AtaGenix has established the phage-display antibody library technology platform and the novel XtenM Mab Single B rabbit monoclonal antibody development platform.

The single B cell antibody preparation technology is a new type of rapid monoclonal antibody preparation technology developed in recent years. It is based on that each B cell contains only one functional heavy chain variable region DNA sequence and one light chain variable region DNA sequence, and each B cell produces only one specific antibody. The IgG heavy chain and light chain variable region genes are amplified from the individual antibody-secreting B cells by single-cell PCR, and then expressed in mammalian cells to obtain the active monoclonal antibodies.

AtaGenix Advantages

1.High specificity: Compared to mice and other rodents, rabbits have a superior immune system, producing antibodies with greater specificity and higher affinity

2.High stability: High structural stability of rabbit IgG compared to the conventional mouse monoclonal antibodies

3.High affinity: rabbit B Cell maturation process generates 10- 100 times higher affinity than it in rodents

4.High diversity: rabbits have a rich B cellular repertoire that produces antibodies with significant advantages in terms of epitope variants, mutations, conformational changes, and high diversity

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