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Express rabbit polyclonal antibody production

Service Brief

  AtaGenix can express produce Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody which integrates self-synthesis antigen, optimized immune adjuvant and rapid immunization program with comprehensive optimization. The production cycle is as short as 45 days, high-efficiency immunoadjuvant, higher antibody yield, ELISA titer up to 1:128000, to meet a variety of application needs


1. Preparation of antigen:

(1) Customer provides antigen or sequence

(2) Pujian design and production of five major antigen expression systems (lacation, large intestine, yeast, insect, hay) support, providing a variety of antigen design and production (polypeptide antigen, protein antigen, other antigens), recombinant protein antigen preparation only 4 weeks The polypeptide antigen was prepared for 3 weeks and the antigen purity was >85%.

2. Animal immunity:

Immunize 2 New Zealand white rabbits. Independently optimize the development of immune adjuvants - stable, efficient, and short cycle. Strict production standards ensure that the experiment progresses smoothly and the product quality is guaranteed.

3. Antibody purification:

(1) Specific affinity purification

(2) ELISA titer 1:128000

(3) Final antibody ≥ 3mg

4. QC report

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Completed in 45 days, antigen design and production - animal immunization - affinity purification only in 10 weeks.

2. According to customer requests, the antigen can be provided by the customer or we can design and produce the antigen.

3. Independently optimize the immune adjuvant: stable, efficient, and short cycle.

High titer (ELISA titer up to 1:128000), high antibody yield, high-quality antibodies, antibody deliverable ≥ 3mg



Leading time



Polyclonal antibody production


90 days

ELISA titer


antibody deliverable3mg

Standard immune

Express pAb. production

Antigen from the customers

45 days

ELISA titer


antibody deliverable≥3mg

Independently developed immune adjuvant, stable and efficient, express

AtaGenix antigen

70 days

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