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Co-Immunoprecipitation (Co-IP)

  Co-IP studys protein interactions, validating two known protein interactions and studying unknown proteins in total proteins that interact with target proteins. The method is: forming "target protein A-target protein B" complex and incubating with the complex with specific antibody of the target protein to promote the formation of the immune complex. The antibody/antigen complex is then raised using protein A/G coupled agarose gel. Qualitative analysis of the interaction between two proteins by Western blot or mass spectrometry

Service Brief

1. sample preparation, cell or tissue lysis;

2. Protein extraction and quantification;

3. The immune response of the protein to the antibody (providing input and IgG control);

4. Immunoprecipitates, WB analysis;

5. Mass spectrometry, optional.

Submission by Customers

1. Cells, tissues, protein etc.;

2. Information about the target protein;

3. Protein of interest;

4. Gene overexpression vector’s information (optional)


1. IP protein samples;

2. Experimental report including WB analysis results.

Consultation and ordering:

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