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Recombinant antibody expression

Recombinant antibody expression

  Recombinant antibodies are widely used in scientific research, immunodiagnosis and therapeutic antibodies. AtaGenix launched the AtaRATM Guaranteed Recombinant Antibody Expression Service. AtaGenix's own high-yield pATX series of vectors and domesticated 293 series and CHO series of cells can achieve high-efficiency secretion of full-length antibodies and various forms of recombinant antibody fragments. High yield and reproducible production of monoclonal antibodies without immunization.

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 Antibody size needed

Purity / endotoxin / proteinA / G residue detection

 Leading time




Antibody sequence



>95% by SDS-PAGE or HPLC





6~8 weeks


Recombinant antibody





Service Brief

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Antibody drug development experts and technical support team to optimize the sequence optimization design of antibodies to increase the expression of recombinant antibodies. Full-length antibody secretion can reach 100-300mg/L

2. Rich antibody expression experience, successfully expressed various forms of full-length antibody (Human IgG1~4, Mouse IgG2b, Mouse IgG2a, Rabbit IgG, etc.) antibody fragments (scfv, Fab, tandem-scfv, VHH , Fc fusion protein, bi-specificantibody, etc.).

3. Expression and purification of recombinant antibodies, it can also verify the activity of antibodies. The expression and activity verification of multiple chimeric antibodies have been designed and tested. Chimeric antibodies were verified for humanized design. One-stop service.

Case study

Recombinant Antibody Production Cases

Expression caseⅠ: scFv
Expression system:B.subtilis Expression System
Service Type:Recombinant Protein Production
Conclusion:Total obtained 37mg scFv from 1L scale up purification,purity is about 90%.



Figure 1. Expression result


Figure 2. Target scFv purification profile.


Figure 3. Final sample QC.


Expression caseⅡ: Bi-specific Antibody
Expression System :Mammalian 293F Expression System
Service Type:Recombinant Antibody Production
Conclusion: Bi-specific antibody A total obtained 17.35mg per liter of culture,purity> 90%. Bi-specific antibody B total obtained 16.23mg per liter of culture,purity> 85%.


Figure 2. Target protein purification profile.


Figure 3. Final sample QC.


Expression caseⅢ:IgG-like bi-specific antibody
Expression System:Mammalian CHO-S Expression System
Service Type:Recombinant Antibody Production
Conclusion:Total obtained IgG-like: 104mg from 1L scale up purification, purity> 90%



Figure 1. Expression result .


Figure 2. Target protein purification profile.


Figure3. Final sample QC.


Expression caseⅢ:VHH expressed with tag and tag removal
Service Type:Recombinant Antibody Production
Conclusion:Total obtained VHH without any tag: 13.2mg from 1L scale up purification after tag removal, purity> 90%



Target protein purification profile in native condition.



Tag cleavage results. 
1. Before cleavage sample 2. After cleavage sample



Final sample QC.