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Bacillus Subtilis Expression System

Bacillus Subtilis Expression System

  E. coli expression system is most widely used in prokaryotic expression system for its simplicity, inexpensive cost, mature and complete system, etc. However, it does have shortcomings. E. coli expression system expresses protein in intracellular and periplasmic space other than secretory expressing in eukaryotic system. Although E. coli system can realize these functions with some signal elements, it is far less efficient and convenient than the Bacillus subtilis expression system. Bacillus subtilis is widely applicable in medicine and food industry as an environmentally friendly gram positive bacteria.

  Bacillus subtilis is nonpathogenic and has a simple cytoderm. They secrete protein products free from cell endotoxin and have a low codon bias. Bacillus subtilis secretes protein with high solubility and bioactivity.

  Bacillus subtilis expression system has a shorter expression cycle, lower expression cost and higher expression level compared to eukaryotic expression.

AtaGenix Advantages

  AtaGenix's Bacillus subtilis expression system has suitable bacteria strains and corresponding vectors for both intracellular and secretory expression, which can meet the various requirements of clients.

  Efficient transformation method which shortens the period of transforming and boosts the success rate up to 90% as it solved the transforming problem of Bacillus subtilis.

  Large scale production (1~4000L per batch)

  One-stop service: Design and optimize gene, optimize the protein expression condition, protein purification and post processing, management of data and report.

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Leading Time

Selection of expression system

Expression vector: Intracellular expression vector & Secretory expression vector

Expression bacteria strain: Intracellular expression strain selected and modified by AtaGenix & protease dysfunction strain for secretory expression.


Construction of the plasmid

Gene optimization, gene synthesis & subclone

2-4 weeks

Expression & Purification test

Plasmid transformation, exploration of expression condition, expression analysis and identification (SDS-PAGE and/or WB)

2 weeks

1-10L Expression & Purification

Protein affinity purification (or other purification method), SDS-PAGE/WB identification of the purified protein

1-2 weeks

Large-scale fermentation & purification

Protein affinity purification (or other purification method), protein buffer replacement and concentration, SDS-PAGE/WB identification of the purified protein


2 weeks


2-3 weeks

Above 50L

4-12 weeks

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