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Protein purification and identification

Protein purification and identification

  AtaGenix with professional team, perfect protein expression systems, provides a variety of protein purification and identification services, one-stop service to meet the diverse needs of customers

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2. Protein identification:

rTEV (Glu-Asn-Leu-Tyr-Phe-Gln▼Gly).

Enterokinase (Asp-Asp-Asp-Asp-Lys▼),

(3) Label excision protease: Thrombin (Leu-Val-Pro-Arg▼Gly-Ser),

Myc, highly specific, uses Myc-tagged peptides to compete with recombinant proteins under natural elution conditions to gently elute Myc-tagged proteins.

MBP, which enhances protein solubility, masks toxic proteins, has a large label and has an effect on protein structure/function.

GST, which enhances protein solubility, only purifies soluble proteins, masks toxic proteins, and has a large label.

6 his, preferred label for protein purification, has small molecular weight and no effect on the protein, can purify soluble/inclusion body proteins.

(2) Purification label:

(1) Purification: chromatography, ion exchange (depending on the nature of protein dots), hydrophobic chromatography (according to hydrophobicity), affinity chromatography (depending on ligand properties)

Protein purification:

SDS-PAGE, HPLC, WB, protein concentration detection, absorption spectroscopy



1. Flexible selection of various protein purification and identification methods

2. The protein quality is guaranteed

3. One to one project management, professional technical service team

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