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E.Coli Expression System

E.Coli Expression System

  E. coli recombinant protein expression system has become the most extensively used expression system due to its advantages such as: clear metabolic pathway and the regulation of gene expression, short culture period, high level target gene expression, clear genetic background.  Atagenix is supported by an IGBMC technician who has experience in recombinant protein production for more than 20 years. Our process starts by screening the vector and corresponding bacterial strain to offer E. coli expression service for clients at research platforms and pharmaceutical companies in both domestic and overseas markets. We use our E. coli expression system to produce viral proteins, veterinary vaccines, proteins for research use in plant and aquatic products, cytokines and enzymes.

AtaGenix Advantages

1.The success rate for the soluble expression of protein by AtaGenix using E. coli can be up to 95%.

2.Various screened E. coli expression vectors, including pET series, pBAD series and pCold series, to satisfy the specific requirements of intracellular and periplasmic space secretory expression, together with different tags such as SUMO, Trx, GST and NusA are used by AtaGenix to reduce the hydrophobicity of protein in insoluble expression.

3.Various E. coli expression hosts, including standard expression strain, protein expression enhanced strain, toxic protein expression strain, ultra-low temperature strain for enhancing soluble proteins expression and other expression strains modified by AtaGenix can be used to satisfy different demands of the customers.

4.Large-scale production: 1-4000L per batch.

5.One-stop service: Design and optimize gene, optimize protein expression conditions, protein purification and post processing, management of data and report.


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Service Name

Service Content

Leading Time

Selection of expression system

Expression vector & Expression bacteria strain & Expression temperature


Construction of the plasmid

Gene optimization, gene synthesis & subclone

2-4 weeks

Expression test & Purification test

Plasmid transformation, exploration of expression condition, expression analysis and identification (SDS-PAGE and/or WB), 200ml amplification in optimum condition

2 weeks

1-10L Expression & Purification

Protein affinity purification (native/denatured), SDS-PAGE/WB identification of the purified protein


Large-scale fermentation & purification

Protein affinity purification (native/denatured), protein buffer replacement and concentration, SDS-PAGE/WB identification of the purified protein


2 weeks


2-3 weeks

Above 50L

4-12 weeks


Basic package ata-1011

Test four expression conditions for one plasmid construction

Advanced package ata-1012:

Test twelve expression conditions for one plasmid construction

High-throughput package ata-1013

Combined with B. subtilis expression system and yeast expression system, each system can be constructed with multiple expression plasmids, and expression tests of up to 1000 protocols can be performed simultaneously. Gradually screen optimal expression conditions for development of high-value proteins

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