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Cell culture pilot production

Large-scale cell culture pilot production

Large-scale cell culture pilot production

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  At present, the instruments used by AtaGenix for mammalian cell expression system are NBS cell jars 2.2L 2 sets, 7L, 40L, 150L; multifunctional cell culture analyzer for rapid analysis of main or key nutrients in cell culture medium, components, metabolites and gas content; portable CO2 concentration analyzer; flow cytometer for rapid and accurate cell detection; ELISA reader for subsequent detection, fluorescence microscope, etc. AtaGenix can rapid develope, optimize and small-scale produce large-scale high-density culture of mammalian cells.

Pilot test process:

AtaGenix Advantages

  This pilot platform can be used for the development, enlargement and validation of the mammalian cell expression and preparation of small-size samples. 

  The design of experiments (DOE) method can be used for rapid screening and optimization of the culture media, especially screening of low-serum or serum-free culture media to reduce the influence of animal source components on the quality of products, simplify the separation and purification methods, and improve the safety and yield of biological products.

  For the high density culture of mammalian cells, the exploration and optimization of the feed process is carried out by optimizing the control parameters of NBS cell tanks to increase yield and reduce costs. 

  Enlargement of the fermentation gradually proceeds from 2.2 L to 7 L to 40L with a final volume of up to 150 L.

  At this stage we investigate fully any difficulties in the process and provide technical support for the production enlargement.

  Implementation of the process validation on pilot tests provides sufficient data support and rich experience to ensure the quality of final products. Small-size production of samples provides the  supply for subsequent tests.

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Verified stable cell line and small-scale expression and purification report


1. Optimized media formulation.

2. The pilot fermentation process.

3. Test sample.

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