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stable cell line construction

Stable cell line screening

  Stable cell line, generally produced by cloning the foreign DNA into a vector having a certain resistance or selection gene, the vector is transfected into the host cell and integrated into the chromosome, and the selection marker contained in the vector is used for screening, the cell strain that stably expresses the target protein. AtaGenix offer a stable cell line screening service based on the G418/hygromycin/puromycin screening system as well as the GS/DHFR screening system, or can tailor the service to the specific needs of our customers.

service content

1. Gene overexpression, mutation, silencing, etc. are constructed using stable cell lines;

2. Pre-screening of stable cell lines of recombinant drugs, cytokines and other biological drugs

Protocol and leading time

1. Construction of recombinant expression plasmid (1 week);

2. Determination of the drug background concentration (2 weeks, can be carried out simultaneously with step one);

3. Cell transfection (1 day);

4. Screening and identification of polyclonal stable cell lines (2-3 weeks);

5. Screening and identification of monoclonal stable cell lines (3-4 weeks);

6. Stable transgenic cell line yield, activity assay and stability study (according to customer requests)

Submission of customers

1. Constructed vectors containing extraneous gene or gene templates

2. Information about cell lines to be built 

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Free experimental protocols are provided to fully evaluate the feasibility of the project

2. Mature and stable stable cell line screening, diversified technology, and custom service

3. Quality Assurance: Stable cell lines are free of bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma, and their growth status, viability and target protein expression level remain stable for at least 20 generations.


1. Foreign gene recombinant vector.

2. Stable cell lines.

3. Complete experimental report

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