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Lentivirus Package

Lentivirus Package

Lentivirus Package

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  Lentivirus is a type of retrovirus. siRNA/miRNA Lentivirus vectors are advantageous over synthesized siRNA vectors and general siRNA vectors used for transient expression due to the following advantages:

  They can be used for amplification and replacing the transient expression vectors.

  Lentivirus-siRNAs can be cloned and packaged for infecting cell lines which are difficult to be infected via traditional transfection reagents. For example, primary culture cells, suspended cells and cells in division etc. It is integrated into the genome of receptor cells and are long-term stably expressed after the infection.

Service Brief

1.Produce Lentivirus package RNAi vectors and plasmid extraction

2.Lentivirus vectors and the packaging system co-transfect virus packaging cells.

3.Culture for 48~72 hours and collect supernatant containing virus.

4.Virus purification, concentration. Aliquot stored at -80°C.

5.Titer detection of the target gene.

6.Laboratory reports.

Submission by Customer

Experimental program to be provided by the customer or determined upon communication with our technical staff;

If customers only provide sequences of the target genes, they need to undertake the fee of gene synthesis

Consultation and ordering

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