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Express rabbit monoclonal antibody production

Rabbit monoclonal antibody production

  Compared with mouse monoclonal antibodies, rabbit monoclonal antibodies have high affinity, more abundant epitopes recognized, and the ability to recognize the absence of immunogenic antigens in mice. Rabbit monoclonal antibodies are widely used in research, diagnosis and treatment.

  AtaGenix rabbit monoclonal antibody production uses phage display technology to immunize rabbits, construct a phage display rabbit immune single-chain antibody library, screen high-affinity rabbit single-chain antibody, and then recombinantly express into a complete rabbit monoclonal antibody with high The capacity of the rabbit source natural antibody library can be directly panned

1. The client provides the antigen or the recombinant protein or purified natural protein antigen.

2. Immunize rabbits.

3. Blood B lymphocytes or bone marrow spleens were collected, mRNA was extracted, and cDNA was prepared by reverse transcription.

4. PCR, restriction enzyme ligation method, the antibody gene is ligated into the phagemid vector, the bacteria are transformed, and the antibody library is constructed.

5. Using a variety of methods such as solid phase screening, affinity screening, screening high affinity rabbit monoclonal antibody.

6. Using a highly efficient eukaryotic expression system to secrete and express rabbit monoclonal antibody.

7. Identification of binding activity of rabbit antibodies to antigens.

8. Submit a report.

(Note: Customers can also choose native library screening directly.)

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Provide both native and immune libraries.

2. Eukaryotic expression cell line stably secreting rabbit monoclonal antibody

3. One-stop solution

Submission by customers

1. Antigen and its biological characteristics, name, amino acid sequence

2. Custom antigens, the expression system and purification method needed.

3. Screening requests


1. Not less than 1mg rabbit monoclonal antibody.

2. Eukaryotic expression cell line secreting rabbit monoclonal antibody.

3. Complete ervice report, including gene sequencing and antibody affinity constants, etc

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Rabbit monoclonal antibody production



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