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Cell Culture

Cell Culture

1. Primary cell culture

Cells, that are isolated directly from embryos, tissues, organs and peripheral blood are known as primary cells. Primary cell culture is the process by which extracted cells are grown under controlled conditions simulating the physiological environment , generally outside of their natural environment. Primary cells, which are just isolated from the tissue in a short time and with characteristics similar toconditions, are very suitable for biological research.

2. Continuous cell culture
Cells must be sub-cultured if sustained proliferation is required, so that good growth cells and plenty of identical cells can be obtained.

3. Cell co-culture

The cell co-culture system is mainly used to induce cells to differentiate into another kind of cells, induce cells into self-differentiation, maintain function and viability of cells and regulate cell proliferation.

Service Brief

1. Sample collection and isolation of primary cells.

2. Cell culture and identification.

3. Direct co-culture or Transwell Co-culture.

4. Cell sub-culture and preservation.

Submission by Customers

1. Fresh tissues or animals for AtaGenix to draw materials or the materials are collected from AtaGenixs animals.

2. Cell strains

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1. Cell stains.

2. Technical service report.

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Cell Culture



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