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Double luciferase reporter gene detection

Double luciferase reporter gene detection service

  AtaGenix Reporter Gene Detection Experimental System uses Firefly Luciferase and Rellina Luciferase to form a Dual-Luciferase Reporter Assay. In the experiment, firefly luciferase was associated with specific experimental conditions for gene expression, and Renilla luciferase was used as a transfected internal reference to correct the transfection efficiency of transfection between different samples. Firefly luciferase and Renilla luciferase are biologically active without post-translational modifications and have the function of a reporter gene once translation is complete. By adding a specific luciferase substrate, luciferase emits bioluminescence during the reaction with the substrate, and then the bioluminescence released during the reaction can be measured by a fluorometer.

  In this way, it is possible to minimize changes in intrinsic factors that may impair the accuracy of the experiment, including differences in the number of cultured cells and health status, differences in cell transfection efficiency and lysis efficiency, etc.

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1. Sequence analysis.

2. Related vector subcloning.

3. Co-transfection of cell culture and reporter gene plasmids and transcription factors.

4. Detection of luciferase activity.

5. Experimental report

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Submission by Customers

  Well-constructed reporter plasmid containing the regulatory elements of interest and provide all relevant information about the reporter plasmid. It is also possible to provide a sequence of the desired regulatory element and related information, which is cloned into the corresponding reporter plasmid by AtaGenix.

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Long-term experience in analysis of reporter genes to help design experiments rationally.

2. High-efficiency transfection reagent and high-sensitivity luciferase assay kit to ensure the reliability of the results.

3. Comprehensive service with detailed raw data and lab reports


Experimental report, including data, images, results analysis etc.

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Double luciferase reporter gene detection

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