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Western Blot Service

  Western Blotting (sometimes called protein immunoblot) is a widely used analytical technique in molecular biology, immunogenetics and other molecular biology disciplines. Western blotting can be used for qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis to detect protein expression using specific interactions of antibodies with target proteins in cells or tissue samples

  AtaGenix can supply protein expression, molecular biosynthesis experimental platform to provide professional protein testing services.

Service Brief

1. Obtain the protein from the sample

2. Preliminary quantitative testing.

3. Gel electrophoresis.

4. Transfer film exposure.

5. Results analysis.

6. Experiment report


Submission by Customers

1. Process of target proteins treatment

2. Discussion about antibody selection.

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Ensured experiment accuracy, strict quality control.

2. Each result demonstrated

3. Technical services including gene synthesis, cell transfection, vector construction, protein expression and purification as well as protein function


1. Proteins to be detected.

2. Western Blot exposure results and analysis.

3. Technical service reports.

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Western Blot



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