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RT-PCR and q-PCR

  q-PCR become an important tool in molecular biology research because of strong specificity, high sensitivity, good repeatability, accurate quantitative, fast and fully enclosed reaction. It has been widely used (such as transgenic animal and plant detection, RNAi gene inactivation rate detection, pathogenic microorganism or virus content detection, gene differential expression, genotyping, etc.).

  RT-PCR (reverse transcription PCR) and q-PCR (fluorescence quantitative PCR) are two common techniques used in molecular biology research and forensic diagnosis. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the molecular biology technique used to amplify specific DNA fragments. It can be regarded as special DNA replication outside the organism. The biggest feature of PCR is the ability to increase the amount of DNA. Therefore, whether it is the ancient creatures in the fossils, the wreckage of historical figures, or the hair, skin or blood left by the murderer in the long-term murder, as long as the trace amount of DNA can be isolated, it can be amplified by PCR and confirmed by comparison. Q-PCR refers to the method of adding fluorescent gene to PCR reaction system, monitoring the whole PCR process by fluorescence signal accumulation, and finally quantitatively analyzing the unknown template through the standard curve.



Pic 1:Typical amplification curve


Pic 2: Typical dissolution curve

service content

1. The order from customer which includes the specified gene information (gene name, GenbankID, etc.);

2. Design the quantitative PCR primers or the customer provides a primer in literature to entrust the company for synthesis;

3. DNA/RNA extraction, quantification, RNA reverse transcription;

4. PCR pre-experiment, detect the specificity and amplification efficiency of the primer;

5. Perform formal quantitative PCR experiment to detect all samples;

6. The experiment report with data analysis


1. Complete experiment report with Ct value, etc.

2. Accurate and objective results.

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Real-time PCR

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