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Immunoprecipitation (IP)

  Immunoprecipitation is the method for protein purification, which incubates antibodies of the target protein with the sample extraction buffer so that the antibodies and proteins can bind sufficiently in the solution. Then antibody/antigen compounds are extracted from the samples by using the protein A/G-coupled agarose gel. The samples can be separated through SDS-PAGE for Western Blot analysis.

  AtaGenix's immunoprecipitation can provide experimental reagents and consumables such as samples, antibodies and beads.

Service Brief

1. Cell or tissue lysis.

2. Lysate pre-cleaned.

3. Protein and antibody reactions.

4. Complex and beads cross-linking.

5. Protein and bead separation.

6. Collect protein, WB analysis

Submission by Customers:

1. Cells or tissues.

2. Information of target proteins.

3. Antibodies of target proteins.

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Best quality lysis buffer to maintain the maximum natural conformation of proteins.

2. Maximum optimization of fillers to ensure the maximum binding of proteins.



1. Immunoprecipitation protein samples.

2. WB reports.

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 IP service

10~15 working days


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