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Immunofluorescence (IF)

  Immunofluorescence is the technique which uses the specificity of antibodies to their antigens to detect antigens or antibodies in cells or tissues by marking corresponding known antibodies or antigens with fluorescent genes as probes. Fluorescence microscopy can then be used to observe the cells or tissue where the fluorescence is located, to determine the property and location of the antigens or antibodies and quantitative techniques such as flow cytometry can be used to determine their contents.

  Immunofluorescence is a technique based on immunology, biochemistry and microscopy. IF is widely applied to determine the concentration of various bioactive substances such as endocrine hormones, proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, neurotransmitters, receptors, cytokines, cell surface antigens, tumor markers, drugs etc. It can be used to diagnose infectious diseases, endocrine problems, cancer and can be used for drug testing, immunology and blood type identification, etc.

  AtaGenix's IF services provide cell culture, cell slides, staining and photo collection, etc.

Service Brief

1. Preparation of cell slides.

2. Fixed.

3. Transparent.

4. Block

5. Primary antibody binding.

6. Fluorescent secondary antibody combined with color reaction

7. Sealing and observation

Submission by Customers

1. Tissues, cells and antibodies for detection.

2. Basic information of the target protein.

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Ensure the viability of cells and the production of high quality cell slides. Multiple cell lines are available for selection.

2. Conventional antibodies can be provided for IF staining.

3. One-stop services for tissue embedding, slicing, cell culture, cell sliding, staining and photo collection.


1. Technical service reports.

2. Cell slides

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