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  Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is the method used to coat the solid phase with known antigens or antibodies and enzyme-labeled antigens and antibodies react on the solid phase. It can be used to detect large molecular antigens, specific antibodies, etc. ELISA is a fast, sensitive, convenient, and easily normalized technique.

  AtaGenix provides the best detection reagents and consumables, imported raw materials accompany with proprietary technology and reagents that guarantee the experiment results. A high throughput ELISA detection platform can guarantee efficiency and reduce costs.

Service Brief

1. Coat antigens and antibodies as the requirement of the customer.

2. Block, react, develop, and read the reactions between antigens and antibodies.

3. Data analysis and submit a report.


Submission by Customers

1. Concentration of the coating material, samples of antibodies or antigens that need to be detected.

2. Detection methods, such as indirect method, double sandwich method, competition method.

3. Requirements for QC: the range of negative control, the definition of positive, etc.

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Guarantee: the negative control and positive control for each detection

2. Multiple animal species such as rabbits, mice, rats, mice

3. Various antigens such as peptides, proteins, small molecules, etc.


ELISA Report

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4~7working days


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