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Plasmid DNA production

Plasmid DNA production

  The plasmid is a circular DNA molecule capable of autonomous replication in the extracellular chromosome. The plasmid molecule is commonly used experimental tool in molecular biology. Different experiments have different requirements on the plasmid. The general organism can provide a high purity, endotoxin-free plasmid. DNA can be used directly in transformation and transfection experiments.

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Provide plasmid DNA preparation from μg level to g level to meet different experimental needs.

2. Production for research grade and transfection grade

3. Strict QC standards, report A260/280, concentration, endotoxin etc.


1. Plasmid DNA

2. Glycerol preservation strain

3. QC report

service content

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Leading time

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Plasmid-small size

1~3 working days


Plasmid-middle size

1~3 working days


Plasmid-large scale

1~3 working days


Consultation and ordering

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