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Strain identification service

Strain identification service

  The information represented by bacterial 16S rDNA, yeast 18S rDNA and filamentous fungal 18S rDNA sequences is an ideal material for classification studies. The 16S rDNA, yeast 18S rDNA and filamentous fungus 18S rDNA sequences were amplified by PCR, and the cloning vector was constructed and sequenced. The Blast alignment in GeneBanK is used to provide molecular biological basis for strain identification.

Service Brief

1. Strain genomic DNA extraction.

2. rDNA specific primer PCR amplification and purification.

3. DNA sequencing and sequence alignment

Submission from customers

1. Species or strain genomic DNA.

2. Possible classification information of strains helps to improve Blast alignment accuracy

AtaGenix Advantages

  Bacterial classification and identification from the perspective of genetic evolution and molecular level, so that the identification of strains is more scientific and precise


1. Sequencing the cloned strain.

2. Sequencing report, Blast report.

3. Experimental report


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 Strain identification

5~10 working days


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