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Gene site mutation service

Gene site mutation service

  The gene site mutation is introduced into the target DNA fragment by PCR etc., including deletion, addition, point mutation etc.

  Gene site-directed mutagenesis is an important research tool in current research in biology and medicine. Site-directed mutagenesis is widely used in promoter regulation studies, DNA/protein interaction studies, and protein structure and function studies.

  AtaGenix Site-directed Mutation Service uses gene synthesis technology, overlapping PCR and high-fidelity polymerase to provide services such as base deletion, insertion and point mutation.

Service Brief

Sequence confirmation; Primer design/synthesis; Mutation induction; Mutant strains screening; mutant DNA production

1. Gene sequencing, confirming the sequence

2. Design primers, synthetic primers

3. Induction of mutation by PCR

4. Sequencing and screening of mutant strains

5. Preparation of mutant DNA

6. Submit the report

Submission from customers

1. The biological characteristics of the target gene and its vector, information such as name, sequence and resistance of plasmid.

2. Complete sequence information of the target gene

3. Specific requirements after gene mutation

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Guarantee the accuracy of fixed-point mutation and strict QC.

2. Ability to perform site-directed mutagenesis of long fragment (>3Kb) genes and point mutations at any site.

3. Comprehensive technical services


1. Not less than 2 ug mutant plasmid.

2. Glycerans containing recombinant plasmids.

3. Complete technical service report, including gene sequencing results, plasmid structure map, QC test etc.

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Leading time

Price ($)


Gene site mutation

10~15 working days


Consultation and ordering:

Tel: 0086-27-8743 3958