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Nucleic acid extraction

Nucleic acid extraction

  Nucleic acids refer to DNA and RNA, high-quality nucleic acids are the basis of all molecular biology experiments. AtaGenix has the comprehensive molecular biology system, which can quickly extract high-quality DNA or RNA from animal and plant tissues, bacteria, fungi and cells. It can be used in PCR, real-time PCR, molecular labeling, gene hybridization, etc.

Service Brief

1. Sample preparation

2. Sample lysis

3. Protein removal

4. DNA/RNA extraction

5. Electrophoresis detection

6. Delivery results

Submission from customers

Plant tissue: more than 1g of fresh tissue

Animal tissue: 0.5g or more fresh tissue

Cells:5× 106or more cells


1. Extracted DNA or RNA.

2. QC report.

3. experimental report

service content

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Leading time

Price ($)


 Genome DNA extraction and purification

1~3个working days



 Total RNA extraction and purification

1~3 working days


Consultation and ordering

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