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TA clone service

TA clone service

  TA clones have terminal transferase activity using Taq polymerase, but do not have 3'~5' exonuclease activity, so a non-template dependent base "A" is added to 3' end of the PCR product.

  T vector is a highly efficient PCR product cloning vector with a prominent "T" tail at 3' end of T vector, which can be linked to "A" tail of  PCR product, improving cloning efficiency.

Service Brief

1. PCR.

2. TA connection.

3. Transformation screening.

4. Sequencing.


1. 2 ug plasmid.

2. Glycerol bacteria.

3. Sequencing map.

4. TA clone experiment report

service content

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Leading time

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Less than 1500bp

5working days



5~10 working days


More than 3000bp

5~10 working days


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