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ORF cloning

ORF cloning

AtaGenix has the complete molecular systems, which can provide three different ORF cloning methods to obtain ORF clones quickly and efficiently.

1. Traditional cloning methods:

   RNA extraction----RT-PCR----PCR----cloning.

2. Gene synthesis method:

   Determining the gene sequence----ORF gene synthesis---linking to cloning vector.

3. AtaGenix cDNA library

   Human cDNA library containing more than 10,000 human cDNA templates

   Determine ORF sequence----PCR----link to cloning vector

AtaGenix Advantages

1. With a variety of different ORF cloning platforms, ORF clones can be obtained quickly and efficiently.

2. Human cDNA library, which can quickly search for the corresponding ORF clone.

3. Five expression systems, various expression vectors and the ORF can be cloned into any vector.

4. One-stop service from ORF cloning to protein expression and purification


1. 1 ug cloning plasmid

2. Sequencing result of target gene.

3. Vector map and QC report

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ORF Cloning

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