Technical Service

Antibody discovery

Atagenix antibody preparation technology team has rich experience in antigen preparation, antibody production, labeling, detection, antibody sequencing, and is committed to producing high-quality and high-volume antibody services. Atagenix provides polyclonal antibody preparation service, mouse monoclonal antibody preparation service and rabbit monoclonal antibody preparation service. We can use the traditional immune and fusion screening methods to prepare monoclonal antibodies. We can also provide molecular biological methods, PCR to obtain the target gene, gene cloning, construction of expression vector, and prepare monoclonal antibodies in the way of protein expression.

How to order:

Please consult the website for online technical support, we will contact you to customize the antibody preparation scheme for you.

If you have any questions about our antibody preparation service, please call 027-87433958-02 or email: