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Service Brief

AtaGenix provides comprehensive and high-standard bioanalytical services with professional scientific team and advanced equipment, including the screening and development of proteins, drugs, and vaccines. The custom service is also significant for preclinical research.

service content

1. Identification and characterization analysis: protein, antibody, peptide and amino acid, glycosylation, disulfide bond analysis, hydrophobicity, charge isomer, PI determination, sequence coverage

2. Purity and concentration analysis

3. Impurity detection: exogenous DNA residue, host protein residue

4. Stability analysis: determination of denaturation temperature

5. Safety analysis: sterility testing, microbial limit testing, bacterial endotoxin testing, abnormal toxicity testing

AtaGenix Advantages

1. Analysis can be selected according to specific needs

2. Advanced analytical techniques and equipment to complete multiple indicator analysis

3. Professional technical team, full course trace service

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